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Welcome to Wisconsin Unemployment. We have built this website to provide extensive information on unemployment insurance to Badgers. We strive to publish accurate content to provide all the information you need in one place, here. This curbs your efforts which involves contacting various other sites and government agencies. Post your comments and we will get back with solutions in least time.

What you can expect from this site?

We have updated list of blog articles and guides on –

  • How to file for Unemployment in Wisconsin
  • Extension available in Wisconsin
  • Contact Information and Tips
  • Calculate the benefit amount

Are you from Wisconsin? Lost your job recently? Wondering about applying for unemployment insurance? Worry not! You have come to the right place.

The Wisconsin unemployment insurance aims to provide temporary financial assistance to the temporarily unemployed people residing in Wisconsin. It may not give you the finances to keep up with your lifestyle, but it certainly will make sure that you are fed and clothed!

There are a set of eligibility criteria that you must meet in order to qualify for this benefit. You can find the details on our site along with descriptive articles on how to apply for this welfare program.

This website provides accurate and extensive information about the various benefits of Wisconsin Unemployment program to the unemployed folks in the state of Wisconsin. We give you all the relevant information in a single place thereby reducing the effort for you.

The site is not affiliated to the government or any such organizations and was supposedly created as a hobby.The main intention of the website is to provide as much information as possible about the Wisconsin Unemployment Insurance which provides assistance to the unemployed section.

The site also provides detailed information on the procedures one must follow in order to register for the Wisconsin Insurance benefits. It also tells the readers about the various benefits available.

We built this as a hobby site and hence it operates without ads. We might have to put some non-intrusive and non-spammy ads in near future, but this website will be free to use. Your feedback is very important to help us serve you better. Leave us a message.